• Blockchain - the business game changer

    It all started with Bitcoin in 2009. The underlying technology used by bitcoin was the first version of blockchain. Since then, blockchain has come a long way. Blockchain not only power the myriad cryptocurrencies, but now is becoming the foundation for many applications. From the public implementation of blockchains, primarily for cryptocurrencies, the evolution is towards the private implementation of blockchain within enterprises, embedded into applications.

  • Ansible best practices

    “Ansible is a Swiss Army Knife for DevOps” - Tim Appnel, Principal Product Manager, Ansible. In this article we review some best practices to consider while writing the Ansible playbooks. This should be particularly useful for anyone starting with Ansible. While writing the playbooks in YAML, consider them as the documentation of the automation that you are bringing into the environment. Anyone with knowledge of Ansible should be able to read the playbooks and easily be able to decipher what those are expected to do.

  • Ansible - getting started

    This article is for anyone who is evaluating how Ansible may help in their automation journey. While DevOps and Infrastructure as Code are becoming the norm from the startups to the enterprises, I had quite a few conversations on what Ansible is and how could Ansible help in managing the IT environments. This article is written considering those conversations I had in the last few weeks and hope this would give a brief about Ansible and its capabilities.

  • How to choose your portfolio hosting website

    I have often been asked by my photography friends “where should I host my photography portfolio?”. There are number of online photography portfolio hosting websites like Smugmug, Viewbook, Squarespace, Pixpa and many others, and I can understand it can sometimes be difficult to choose. What we will discuss here will be the principles on which you can make your decision and not discuss any specific portfolio hosting provider.

  • Eric S Raymond’s Unix Philosophy applied to design Cloud Architectures

    Eric Steven Raymond in his book The Art of Unix Programming wrote 17 rules of Unix philosophy. I find most of these rules very relevant for designing cloud architectures and has its application in the design thought process.

  • Connecting to multiple AWS accounts using AWS CLI

    To connect to multiple AWS accounts using different IAM users, following are the AWS CLI configuration steps.

  • Jekyll blog hosted on Amazon S3

    I decided to use Jekyll static site generator for this blog and host it on the highly scalable and durable Amazon S3 storage. I have used Wordpress extensively and that have always been a default blogging platform of my choice. But I wanted to play around with Jekyll and test this use case.

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